Shipping Information

At the bottom of the view shopping cart page is an "estimate shipping" button. From here, you should get a fairly accurate estimate of the shipping costs for your order. Often, the estimator will list flat rate shipping options. Flat rate envelopes are often the cheapest way to ship a book via priority mail or to locations outside the United States. These envelopes can fit several chapbooks or 1-2 books with sufficient room for padding to protect the books. The shipping calculator can't determine if you have too many books to fit in an envelope, so if you have several books you want shipped together, it might be best to drop us an email or assume that a flat rate box or other shipping method is necessary.

If you're preordering books, we will ship them as they become available. The shipping estimator gives you an estimated price for the order with the assumption that all books shipping together. Separate packages may result in a higher total cost for shipping.

Please feel free to email us if you would like something more specific than the shipping calculator can offer.

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